Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I WANT TO BUY A HOUSE FOR A CPC! I was in front of this abortion clinic that brags about having done 100,000 abortions in 20 years. I couldn't help but notice how the house next to this clinic was for sale. So now I am determined to buy it an d put up a crisis pregnancy center just next to it...only really is the only problem. We have Crisis Pregnancy Centers here that are willing to have it as their satellite or be a mentor to me as I get a board and staff together for it..If anyone has any brilliant financing ideas...I would greatly appreciate it. We want to grab it before the abortion clinic buys it....


Leticia said...

My mother works for Lorraine Gariboldi who directs the Life Center of Long Island, where Real Estate costs are prohiblitive. She wanted the house accross from Planned Parenthood,and the owner hadn't even put it on the market!!
Now she runs a hugely successful CPC there.
Pray, pray, pray! Remeber if God wills it, you will 'find' the money.
I will join you in this prayer, keep us informed.

Beth in NC said...

Deanna -- I pray God makes a way. I wish we had the funds to just hand you!

Elizabeth said...

I agree with Leticia!
May God bless you

>"Pray, pray, pray! Remember if God wills it, you will 'find' the money."