Saturday, January 3, 2009

Abortion is Antagonistic!

So, I am not getting very far YET with getting financing the 1 acre lot next to the abortion clinic. But I am seeking, praying and speaking out about the event someone can come up with a down payment for the 350k property.....I have some meetings sched to see the house and to talk to someone about organizing a nonprofit. Anyhow, I am a midwest girl who spent about 20 years living in NYC..I also still maintain business in NY...So I am accustomed to the bold, direct approach. I live in North Carolina now and find the community very peaceful. But sometimes it is just too peaceful and passive. For example, I have acquaintances at a couple Crisis Pregnancy Centers down here. One guy is very supportive and thinks that setting up a pregnancy center next to the abortion clinic is an excellent way to help young women and offer them a path toward life and hope with their new babies. But I received a note from one of the staff members at another center that really believes the director would not think it was a good idea because it would be perceived as antagonistic. I had a conversation with this same person awhile ago as to why they didn't want to come out as being too pro-life. She said they are trying to draw in 'abortion minded' clients to the clinic and don't want to get into the bad graces of Planned parenthood and therefore lose more clients. So, she perceived a CPC next to an abortion clinic to be something that would get in the way of their successes and communication with Planned Parenthood. I have to respect that they know what is best for their particular center, but have to give my viewpoint (after all that is what I love about having a blog---i can vent).

The county I live in provides 1/3 of the 30thousand abortions of our state per year . Or approximately 10thousand a year. The clinic that exists next to the vacant lot has bragged about performing 100 thousand abortions in 20 years. They have a few clinics...still I think it is safe to assume then that they perform at least 2 or 3 thousand abortions there a year. Our state also doesn't require that the parental notification letter is notarized so several underage girls are permitted to receive abortions without their parents consent or by having the men who have raped them sign off falsely as their fathers. We have laws that allow children to be aborted up to 20 weeks. I have prayed so much about this and have to say that abortion is antagonistic. When this clinic set up shop in my community they basically were the ones being antagonistic. When you call a crisis pregnancy center antagonistic you are in essence labeling the abortion clinic the protagonist or the hero....I refuse to accept that an organization that will abort babies 5 days a weeek up to 20 weeks is the hero in our community. They are the antagonists and the people who organize and run the pregnancy centers are the heros....It is not my style to be violent in my approach to fight abortion. I am consistent. I am all for non-violence. Still I believe it is wise to be a beacon of light for life in your community when the other neighbors are simply being their southern gentile selves and ignoring the atrocities in their backyard. I am grateful that the brazen New York spirit has rubbed off on me and I pray somehow that God will prevail. If Barak Obama passes the Freedom of Choice bill..the numbers of abortions will go up, the restrictions will be lifted and the clinic next to the vacant lot might as well have a 24 hour revolving door...Should the property next door remain vacant simply because someone is afraid to offend the organization that is stripping women of their babies. As a post abortive woman I can say that in my desperation I would have seen the Crisis Pregnancy Center next to the abortion clinic as my beacon of hope...but no one bothered to place a clinic up next to the abortion mill in Orlando that took my daughter away from me....i wonder if someone had a chance to purchase property and just passed on it because they were afraid they would be perceived as being ANTAGONISTIC.....