Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Satan and Eve..

So I posted a video on YouTUBE and GodTUBE. I am realizing that there are some anti christian individuals that reside on YOUTUBE. But I am not surprised...So I posted a video called EVE'S CHOICE. And a guy named satan666 commented and then a guy named Chris who is a christian apologetics guy committed some online chivalry at my defense. I sent Chris a note telling him that all of his Christian brothers here in my neighbohood that are in my life thank him.

I knew Sunday night that we had hit a nerve and found the crux of all of the attacks on mothers in general when we came upon Genesis 3:15. I went to bed Sunday night so relieved as if there had been a veil removed from my eyes. I had been asking for years "WHY is there such an attack against mothers and their children?" And that scripture in Genesis is the foundation for all of the biblical stories that follow regarding mothers, women, child sacrifice etc...So, I was so happy to have discovered that. I also had realized that with this new vision came a certain momentum regarding this subject...and lo and behold on Tuesday SATAN (the youtube one) answered. THe beauty of it though is God had me so prayed up from a weekend of prophetic worship that I felt protection. So, the lesson learned is to ALWAYS be prayed up. Also, when you discuss and reveal the core of the battle you can start to attempt to join the battle to dismantle it...but when you do, that means you are a soldier in the war.

The response to the video basically was also biblical...satan will attempt to strike our heels or immobilize us. He will bring forth venom to convince us to disengage, be complacent, silent and wounded. But the scripture also says "HE (meaning Eve's offspring) will crush the serpents head." The Holy Spirit enlivens us and inspires us. I never planned or wanted to speak out about abortion. I was like many post abortive women who had vowed to remain silent and wounded my entire life. But when the Lord called me to speak, His light on the subject started to shine through to touch people and also really annoy some that are comfortable in darkness. All I want is to listen to the Lord and His call on my life...As I look around in this is getting ugly with more and more children being murdered, mothers who disconnect or are tempted by lies to kill their children and mothers who survive shriveling in the darkness of their own rooms in despair.....I believe their babies are in the arms of Jesus but I am so worried about the women sinking into the abyss because of a nest of lies given to them by the serpent who claims he can give them empowerment....I pray that those who can't get out of their houses to talk about it can at least make it to their laptops or computers to learn they are not alone in their pain and that God is calling them back into the Light to experience true EMPOWERMENT THAT ONLY COMES THROUGH JESUS CHRIST....


Pam said...

You keep going girl! I love ya!

LisaShaw said...

As a true follower of Jesus Christ we are always going to find people who want to attack! That's the enemy's game plan always so you keep pressing in and doing what you're doing for the Kingdom of God!

Bless you.

Jessica said...

loving your youtube videos!