Friday, August 29, 2008

The Alien World of the Womb!

I was blessed with the birth of my daughter Samantha 17 years ago. At her conception I had an inexplicable experience. I believe God gave me the experience to leave no doubt in my mind as to the power of life and conception. I was asleep and yet simultaneously very conscious. I felt my spirit hovering just inches above my body and horizontal with my sleeping body (I was laying on my back). I was frozen to the bed and could not move. I then felt another spirit come close to my hovering spirit. I was asked permission for this sweet, familiar spirit to unite with my spirit. When i said YES I felt this intense euphoric experience that was spiritual, physical, emotional. And even though I could not open my eyes (I desperately tried to) I was more aware and could feel more intensely than when i was awake. Then after I said "Yes" our two spirits powerfully coiled together and corkscrewed back into my body entering just below my belly button. The next morning I woke up exhilarated thinking that was an awesome experience. I wondered if i had conceived that night but just waited as the days passed by. I spoke to my girlfriend the next day. My friend is a Buddhist and very new age. She said to me "maybe you had an alien encounter." I laughed and said "no this was a friendly, loving soul that came from God." She told me aliens could come from God. Later that month I did discover that I conceived on that night. Weeks went by and when I felt the kicks of Sam my life and perspective on CHOICE changed in an instant. I had totally regretted my abortion and had worked through much grief but was still perplexed as to a woman's rights. I had told myself that maybe most women have positive experiences so still have the right to choose. But when Sam started to grow i knew i had made a mistake 10 years prior. This powerful active life residing inside of me was unquestionably alive and a gift from God. And yet I didn't come to that conclusion by way of religion. This was an actual true experience to me that was vivid and intense. I started to repent and simultaneously rejoice in God's restoration in me. I knew that He was giving me new life not only in the form of my daughter but also in the form of total forgivenss. My sins were washed away through His love. The months went by and I wondered what she looked like...I placed the sonogram picture on the fridge...I made copies and sent them to family members. I gazed upon her profile at 20 weeks. When she was born I gave my life back to Jesus and was never the same. Her birth was indeed a religious experience that brought me back to studying redemption, forgivenss and the character of God.

I believe that my friend wasn't so far off when she mentioned ALIENS.I think much of the pro choice world sees these souls as aliens. They don't understand how familiar and of our Creator they truly are. And they are not foreign or here to annihilate our world. Yes the world inside the womb is a mystery and might as well be in some other galaxy but it isn't. It is contained within our bodies. As women we are created with the most powerful ability create life. Life is so 'of God" and of our universe and 'of' His heaven. And these children are truly growing within us but not of us...I can see why some people may feel so diconnected. BUt in spite of the mystery and our incapacity to comprehend LIFE we have to admit the the embryo, fetus, infant, toddler, teen are all human and SACRED....because of that amazing mystery we need to contain and sacrifice 'our choice' for the sacredness of the mystery growing inside of us as a GIFT FROM THE CREATOR..not to be touched or destroyed by human hands.


Mabaxter said...

As you know, Deanna, God speaks to us in many ways.......and I, like you, believe Sam's conception was HIS telling you "you are forgiven, my child and accept this gift I am giving to you".....I also believe your conceiving Andrew when and where you did was no coincidence....perhaps, Aubrey and Andrew are one and the same person.....

I love you,