Saturday, August 30, 2008

What's an Abortion?

I have spent the week telling family members about the abortion I had 26 years ago. It has been exhausting emotionally. I knew i wanted to tell my 10 year old son because he is very bright and would be hearing me talk and would probably look at my book and I didn't want him to hear it second hand. I had intended on telling him in age appropriate terms. I thought I had thought of everything. So, we were in the living room alone with a rare quiet moment. And I told him about the book and told him about the abortion. He sweetly looked at me and said "What's an abortion?" I had remembered talking about abortion in the past with him and my oldest daughter but apparently he had forgotten. So i sort of just stared at him for a minute and explained in 10 year old terms. I then told him how Jesus is forgiving and has forgiven me. I also told him that he was surprisingly and miraculously conceived in the same town that I had aborted. And I had visited there with my husband for just a few days not intending on even trying and I became pregnant with him. I told him he was a miracle because I hadn't been back to that town in 15 years and then conceived him. I also told him that we are pro life and that he is pro life. He then said "what is pro choice?" when I mentioned the term. He said 'oohhh gross"...then he asked me what the difference is between republican and democrat and I just talked about pro life issues because that question is too intense and I wanted him to know what it meant to be pro life. So then he smiled at me and continued to play. Telling him had been weighing heavy on my heart and he just continued to hug me and love me and play. Incredible! Then I went to stir my vegetables and had to wipe a tear remembering how blessed I am with these children....a full quiver of 6.