Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pro Choice but Anti Abortion!

I had a very disturbing week. But it was also the kind of week that makes you think. It started with a tech meeting for a concert we are doing at the United Methodist church. I ended up in a conversation about life and my book. The very sweet man who was chatting with me considers himself a christian and ended the conversation with "yeah but eventhough I am against abortion I consider myself pro choice." THen the next day I looked up the stance on abortion that the Evangelical Lutheran Church has. They also say it is okay to abort under certain circumstances. That made me contact one of my friends who is in leadership at the ELCA church that I grew up in. He confirmed that the Evangelical Lutheran's are in support of abortion. I spent an entire evening shocked by that and the next day very sad. I had assumed that most of the protestant denominations were pro life. The United Methodist Church and Presbyterians are also in favor of abortion under certain and many circumstances. I also believed that the denomination I was raised in was pro life. I have since learned that Lutheran's are pro life however the ELCA is not (thus the distinction). Even the Baptists just renounced exceptions in 2003. I am grateful to be in a non denominational pro life evangelical church. Then on top of which the entire presidential election process and the focus on abortion can leave those of us wounded by abortion in a sad place. I am saddened by the fact that people believe that being pro woman means being pro abortion. Not the case...check out Feminists for Life. I am saddened by the fact that Planned Parenthood uses the word choice but offers very few options or support other than abortions. I am saddened that the entire country is in denial and selfish in allowing human life to be destroyed. AND I am saddened that people can say "i am pro choice but anti abortion." The way I see it you are either or you aren't pro life. If you do not advocate for abortion then take a stance and support life. You can still advocate for women but not agree with abortion and the taking of human life. Trust me there is nothing pro woman about stripping a child from the womb before its natural birth. There is nothing pro woman about allowing women to believe they will be liberated and empowered after abortion. If Planned Parenthood were truly for informed choice then tell the women that they are killing a human and that there is the huge possibility that they could become extremely depressed and possibly suicidal post abortion. If you are pro choice and anti abortion then you cannot stand by and let women abort their babies. If you are anti abortion then you are against choosing to take life. You can't say "well I wouldn't do it for myself so I am anti abortion but support a woman's right to choose." If you believe the child is life and a human then please don't condone death to that child even if it isn't your own. But if you continue to say you are pro choice and anti abortion then you are still advocating for someone to take a human life. That means you are still anti life. It took one kick from my daughter to know that there was someone else residing in my body. We do not have the right to violate another human being. Women should be allowed to choose to be a mother but not at the cost of taking the life of a child.


~Kim~ said...

Yes it is sad.... Thankfully, speaking on behalf of the Southern Baptists position - in the 1970's they took a middle ground stance stating that abortion was ok in certain situations, but in 2003 a resolution to correct the issue was passed and now Southern Baptists hold an absolute pro life position stating that abortion under any circumstances is wrong. Praise the Lord!