Monday, April 13, 2009

Christ has Risen!

When I started this blog I settled on the name REVIVING MOTHERS because I really thought it was a fitting name for post abortive healing. There is a revival of sorts once we have been healed, forgiven and then forgiven ourselves. There is also an energy or momentum that occurs once the super natural healing of Christ just washes over us. It is as if although we were held down by a ton of bricks finally we could fly high and soar by His grace. So, Easter to me is so significant. My whole abortion experience came from a misunderstanding and disconnect with the true nature of God. I saw God as punitive and the crucifixion was proof to me..."HOW COULD HE KILL HIS OWN SON?" i seemed to say to myself through the years. Yes, I wore the Easter dress on Sunday but my focus was on Friday...I ignored the resurrection and was obsessed with the death. When I became pregnant, I had no faith and couldn't see into the SUNDAY that was ahead in my future. I wanted God to come and save me. IN the room aborting my baby I thought maybe God would come to my rescue. When He didn't I blamed God. But once I reached out to Him in desperation a year later...I started to see glimpses of the God that was truly all compassionate. I watched and watched as He lifted me up and allowed me to walk and sing again even with a spring in my step. When I ultimately realized what Christ's crucifixion really meant I couldn't contain my humbling shock in realizing that somehow Christ had to die for me. It wasn't fair...He was all good. I wasn't . But when I stand singing through the Easter service I can't help but cry in gratitude that HE came for me and that on Sunday HE ROSE...I had wanted to happy Disney ending and there really is one. Christ has risen and we are redeemed because of it...PRAISE HIM!


Beth in NC said...

I wonder how many other women lay there in an abortion clinic crying out for God to rescue them? I pray they find you through you tube or through your book

I'm so thankful that you have come full circle in your healing Deanna.


LisaShaw said...

I was deeply moved by your words Deanna so much so I cried.

May the LORD continue to work in and through you on the front lines for LIFE!