Thursday, October 9, 2008

Black Genocide...

Being the mother of 3 Ethiopian children...I feel it is a responsibility to their mother who died of AIDS in Ethiopia to assure them a future that would not see them as degenerates and target the killing of their children. There is nothing that I look forward to more than seeing my daughters and sons grow up to have the freedom to grow to be healthy enough to raise and take care of their kids. I want to also have the privilege of being the grandmother for their children not only for myself but for their mother Bayoush who never lived to see them married or have children. Abortion has taken way too many babies. Abortion has targeted way too many minorities (blacks and hispanics). My Guatemalan daughter should also be given the same freedom and not be trapped into believing that it is her right and okay to abort her babies. It is so disgusting to me to have a man like Barack Obama who claims to be a spokesperson for African Americans really be more a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood (which is the murderous organization ) targeting his people. He should be ashamed as an African American to be used in that way....As a white mother with hispanic and african children it is often assumed that I would vote for Obama...there is no way. WHY? Because I want more for my African children then what Obama is offering..