Saturday, October 4, 2008

PRO LIFE OBAMA: an Oxymoron!

This just takes the cake. Someone please wake me when this election is over. And if McCain and Palin don't win I would like to find my own planet somewhere. I will invite all of the true christians and pro life/conservatives. This planet would have people who actually show compassion and love for one another and still care about human life. Oh..also on this planet the TRUTH would be known and those telling lies would not be allowed to live there. There would be instant intervention for people who don't see the TRUTH. They would first be given the chance to see through the eyes of love rather than hate and deception. Once the truth is revealed they could stay as long as they promised never to deceive another human being. PROLIFE OBAMA...HUH? OBAMA IS NOT PRO LIFE (that was intended to be a shout) case any of the emergent christians or lost catholics that have devised this organization don't know that already..Oh and JESUS is not synonomous with INFANTICIDE OR ABORTION....OBAMA IS SYNONOMOUS with infanticide and abortion......YIKES...and part of the organization is called MATTHEW 25...remember the scripture of taking care of the least of these. Remember the goats were not allowed in heaven because they didn't take care of the least of these by offering food and clothing...that would also include LIFE....This so ticks me off that I am rambling now....But perhaps we can be allowed in heaven and considered sheep in the eyes of Jesus on judgment day and allowed on HIS planet in Heaven....check it out yourselves..