Thursday, October 16, 2008

Disturbed! Living in the Twilight Zone!

I'm disturbed. I am totally utterly disturbed. Shouldn't I be disturbed by the potential never ending amount of abortions in this country? I would love to title this post "hopeful". I was hopeful and still do hold out an iota of hope for the end to come for abortions. BUT sometimes I look around and cannot believe i live in a world chock full of people who daily over look the death of millions of kids. I am not only talking about abortions either. There are 148 million orphans and another million children in sex trafficking and many more suffering. AM I LIVING IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE? Where is the compassion? Where is the logic in the American people? In the people of the world...Why are so many people over looking the truth and embracing lies? I feel as if I am frozen at an that offers hope for life and the other that says if America walks down this road we are all doomed especially the unborn. And I know from personal experience that means more women will have to be blindsided by the devastation they will feel after they legally abort. Most women would never abort if abortion were illegal. I wouldn't have! My daughter would be here today. BUt I am disturbed because if we walk down the road to life then young women today and their children will be saved. If America chooses to walk down the other road with a leader that says it is OKAY TO KILL then we are all doomed......It is indeed I stand in wait for the votes to be counted....