Monday, October 27, 2008

Justice for All

I was in NYC almost all of last week. But i was fortunate enough tuesday night to be able to host this amazing organization called Justice for All which travels to campuses with this very graphic and large display to engage students in conversation regarding life. They are non confrontational but their display is very aggressive. So, they are all from Kansas with some other volunteers from all over the place. I hosted the director David Lee and one other guy...We also provided a meal to 15 of the volunteers. This was really great. I was exhausted but I had a great time speaking with all of them. UNC is very liberal so the second day was really tough for them. They also host a training which I wasn't able to engage in because I was out of town. These volunteers are very passionate and sometimes discouraged. We really need an army of volunteers helping to educate people and the truth is that most pro lifers don't have the stamina to stand in front of a crowd or behind a bull horn...But that has to change as we are losing lives because there aren't enough people to stand in the gap...Pray for this group. I really enjoyed them and would love to see them come to NYC where I am sure they will be met with intense disdain but it would also be the talk of all of NYC if they were able to get there...