Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Would Sarah Palin have been disqualified?

Carol Fowler, the leader of the SC Democrat party said that "the only qualification that Sarah Palin has is that she has never had an abortion." Obviously, this was an outrageous and hideous comment. In seeing how the Republicans have embraced Sarah Palin I doubt it would've made a difference to them if she had one or not. But it would have been interesting to see how the Democrats would have handled a post abortive Republican candidate. Would they have criticized her as being incapable of governing because of the poor choice she made as a teenager? Would they have said that women who have aborted are not capable of making rational decisions? Would the Republicans have considered Sarah Palin as an unsuitable candidate had that information come out during the vetting process? Considering the fact that there are millions of post abortive women out there, it is interesting that few women in public office admit to ever having had an abortion. Certainly we don't hear of either Republican or Democrat women freely sharing that information. Is it possible that none of the female Democrat senators, congresswomen or lobbyists have never aborted? The Guttmacher institute says that 1 in 3 women ages 40+ have aborted. It is unlikely that there are no govt leaders that have aborted. Then why don't we hear about it. As a post abortive woman I know that there is shame, guilt and regret in having once aborted my child. But I am now pro life and acknowledge that life is sacred and that Planned Parenthood is feeding women lies. But we would assume that if the experience of abortion is as liberating and freeing as the pro choice women's movement would want you to believe...why aren't more women making their happy, fulfilling, abortions known. If it is such a RIGHT OF PASSAGE for women and there is no stigma then where are the post abortive and PROUD Democrat political women? I am guessing that although they promote the practice they don't want to be known as a woman who would walk that path. Just wondering what the Democrat party would have said if the VP candidate was a Republican post abortive women with a down syndrome child. I suspect she would have been extremely harassed but the Democrat post abortive woman would be praised.....


Timothy said...

Those are some excellent questions. You would think the pro-choice crowd would rejoice to fine those who have exercised the choice. Although, I think the truth probably really haunts them. They know they have taken a life, and want to forget that they have done such. Their rite of passage, as they call it, really is a passage into bondage, not freedom.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm visiting via Timothy's blog. I so agree with you and am a part of this ugly and evil (you rarely hear the word evil anymore) statistic. I praise God that His mercy and grace are sufficient and I now know the Truth. Thanks for your honesty.
Blessings, Julie