Monday, September 8, 2008

Demotherizing America! Reviving Martha and Mary!

When I was 19, I totally bought into the rhetoric of the women's movement. According to their message, 'pro woman' means pro abortion. There was also a loud and clear message that you couldn't be pro woman if you were pro life. I also believed that abortion was my total right and would empower me by freeing me up to pursue more 'lofty goals', such as being anything else but a mother. When I had my abortion at 19, I was totally caught off guard with my feelings of guilt, regret and mainly powerlessness. In my deep depression I felt alone and really honestly believed I was the only pro woman post abortive woman to start to believe that my so-called SISTERS like Gloria Steinem and Margaret Sanger were not looking out for my best interests after all. Abortion is not pro woman and indeed not liberating. This past week, Gloria Steinem wrote an op-ed piece regarding Sarah Palin called "Palin; Wrong Woman.." In the piece she says the following regarding Sarah Palin:

"She opposes just about every issue that women support by a majority or plurality."

Give me a minute to respond to Ms. Steinem:
"Excuse me Ms. Steinem, but you are very out of touch with the women of America. If anybody is unsuited to speak on behalf of American women, it is you. Please stop speaking lies regarding the female majority and what it is that you think that we want. You have no clue! When McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, hope was implanted back into the hearts and wombs of the women of America who have been violated by the abortions that you advocated for. With your advocacy through the years, all hope was lost for me and others like me that have been scarred by abortion, that now see abortion for what it truly is: the destruction of another human being, our sons and daughters. The more you speak or claim to speak for the MAJORITY of women, the more you steal them of their life affirming true power. I know now that nothing has empowered me more then expressing myself fully which includes motherhood, even when unplanned. You have DEMOTHERIZED women and America. This week with Sarah Palin representing the true female majority, we finally have been revived and are being resurrected with hope. You say in your piece that you are a "hope-a-holic". What are your hopes? That women will continue to be allowed to kill their babies and go through an abortion that could potentially lead them into deep sadness and regret? Do you hope that you can continue to advocate for women being in power as long as those women only believe that abortion is not an atrocity toward children and women? Ms. Steinem, please stop confusing the young women of America. If they continued to listen to you they may believe that not allowing abortion is the same as promoting STD's. They may believe that the Republican party is still not the party of women. There is a new face in the game and a new leader for us. You can retire now. This woman is relevant and speaks for the women of today. Her name is Sarah Palin and she is a republican mother. No she didn't abort her down syndrome baby. She would not have allowed her daughter to go through the hell of abortion, even if raped. And she wears a skirt, loves her children and husband and has the credentials to be in true power. She is the one who is speaking for the majority of the women, not you. If anyone is the wrong woman for the job of female leadership it is you."

Whew! Hope! When we witness how many children have been aborted and how many women are still hurting, it is hard to have hope. In the story about Lazarus in the bible (john 11:1-50) we see two women whose brother has been dead for days. The only hope they have is Jesus. Lazarus was ready for burial. All hope was gone. They were grieved. I relate so much to this story. The grief of losing a child is very deep. It can linger for a long time. Many of us have believed that the powers that be in govt will just continue to turn their eyes away from the life left inside of women, allowing that life to die. Jesus came and brought Lazarus back to life. Joy and hope filled the hearts and souls of Martha and Mary. I prayed for healing from my despair after abortion, and God healed me through my children. But there will also be a sadness as long as young women are kept away from the TRUTH. This week I believe that the Martha's and Mary's of our country that have aborted and lost hope can now see some light. Jesus is answering our prayers by reviving a women's movement too...this new movement embracing true feminism is also defined as embodying feminine character. We are mothers and proud of it. Sarah Palin is our leader. Gloria Steinem can retire.

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