Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pregnancy Crisis Centers

I am going to be taking a course for post abortive women called "Tender Mercies". We start on 9/24. I am very excited about it. I am being offered this class through Durham's Pregnancy Support Services (a crisis pregnancy center). I am also planning on becoming a volunteer there.

Today South Dakota announced this really cool program with churches called LAMPSTAND. They are determined to make women know that they have support in the churches for their unplanned pregnancies. THey want to have 800 churches signed up...check it out... I will move to South Dakota if I end up not liking NC. I will endure the cold just to live in a state filled with powerful pro life advocates.

When I was pregnant the women at the abortion clinic warned me not to go into a pregnancy crisis center because I would be kidnapped and not allowed to leave. If you go to which is Planned Parenthood's teen site, you will read all kinds of lies regarding Pregnancy support centers etc.

Currently, women gravitate to the only place they know of to go when they become pregnant (Planned Parenthood's abortion clinics)..If we can just get an army of support for these women and word out of where to go when their pregnancies happen we will see a huge difference in the amount of abortions...