Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tender Mercies! And Compassion!

Tomorrow I start the Tender Mercies bible study. I am very excited about it. I love the title of the study. I don't know much about it with the exception that there are only 3 of us in the class and we will be at a church in Chapel Hill which is a drive.

I must admit that for awhile (in July and August) I was wondering why the TV and Radio channels weren't discussing Barack Obama's "BORN ALIVE " stance and His strong position on supporting Planned Parenthood and a woman's right to abort. Originally I was really really really happy to start hearing dialogue with the campaign regarding abortion. And i still am so happy about Sarah Palin's infusing the awareness regarding LIFE both via her down syndrome baby and her daughter's pregnancy. But i also find moments of sadness when the reality of the abortion issue is so in our faces. It is so sad to see people denying life and arguing against life but heavily for women's rights to choose. It was a long journey for me but it is clear that being pro woman shouldn't be synonomous with advocating abortion. Many women like myself fall into a devastating depression following abortion. Some committ suicide..others live with an emptiness forever. It is sad to see other women advocating for something that can wreak such torment in a woman. AND it is also disappointing to have the conversations steer away from the LIFE issue. What about the baby? The pro choice groups don't ever want to discuss LIFE. If you bring it up you must be anti woman. Advocating for children is very PRO WOMAN . Advocating to find ways to allow women to keep their children is pro woman. Being angry with people who support killing babies is PRO WOMAN. When I say the subject of abortion being in the media is depressing to me, it is because there is so much at stake. Those of us who call ourselves PRO LIFE can see hope in a party that strongly advocates for life...but we can also see the potential for more lives to be lost if a prochoice candidate is allowed to be our President. Barack Obama is determined to bring evangelical christians to the voting booths to vote for him. He is even bringing a FAITH rally here to NC using such emergent church leaders as Donald Miller to speak out for Obama as being CHRISTIAN. It is not Christian to kill innocent babies. Jesus implored us to take care of orphans and widows. The abandoned unborn children are orphans as well. If we want to continue with God's work we will be Purely Religious and act to save the children. Standing for a party that allows and accepts CHOICE to kill is not in line with Christs teachings....Jesus is merciful and wants them to live...and He wants to ask us to help the women too by not allowing them to walk into a pit that they may never get out of...Please pray for our country and for the destructive legacy left behind by 35 years of ROE V WADE...