Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why I changed my mind about John McCain!

I never was intending on voting for Obama. I was clear about that especially after hearing about the born alive bill and his stance on choice. However, I also was totally not excited about McCain. I have been known to stay home or vote for Ralph Nadar or someone when i am ticked off with my candidates. However a few weeks back when I watched Rick Warren's summit at Saddleback it was so clear to me. It dawned on me during the interview that McCain clearly showed a passion and an attitude toward service. It also dawned on me that we have such media bias. Up to that point I had never heard or seen John McCain's personality. The media just gives him such little air time. I was pleased that he answered directly and clearly at the summit. He looked so much more experienced as well. And even though he was 72 I truly got the impression that this was a bold independent man with fresh vision. Granted I still wasn't passionate about him but decided after that interview that I was comfortable voting for him. And I liked his personality. Some of his political leanings are a little too liberal for me but was happy he was clear on LIFE. So, i was content to be voting for him. On Friday i watched TV as it was announced that Sarah Palin was the VP running mate. I literally was floored. I never ever expected such a bold and yet brilliant VP choice. I felt as if I was watching my favorite baseball team who was losing in the ninth inning and someone comes up to the plate and hits a grand slam and we win. I had been in this complacent resigned place of voting republican but losing and all of the sudden there is hope. The selection told me more about John McCain than it did about Sarah Palin even. He is bold, brilliant and not afraid to make a decision that is controversial but the right one. To continue the baseball metaphor i am seeing John McCain on the sidelines like Joe Torre (x Yankees manager) make the most brilliant change in the lineup possible and then they win the game. I am not sure if we will win the game. I am praying we will but I am invigorated and will be the first in line to vote in November. And I am praying that Sarah Palin can withstand the attacks on her family and character. And i pray she can inspire the US to have a conscience.