Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Emotional Choice!

There is so much discussion all the time with how much thought goes into the decision to abort. Most people say ( and barack obama recently said it) that women put great thought into their abortions. i don't think that is true. Is it really true? We seem to claim a position based on conversations we have with people in our lives who may fall on either side of the equation. For me, my family was mostly pro choice. We are hugely influenced too by the people we love.
AND as far as abortion goes i am learning that so many people just identify themselves to be either for choice or life without really spending anytime researching both positions. I also believe that once you are in that position you make your choice from a place of emotion and desperation. So, if you don't spend time really getting some great information from both sides prior to being in the scary position to be a pregnant teen then you gravitate toward the easy choice. It really takes so much more courage to have the baby. I knew that . I knew I wouldn't be strong enough to sacrifice my career and life and that abortion was easier than setting up an adoption plan. And what is really sad is that the churches are still very reluctant to really delve into the subject with the exception of the annual sanctity of life sunday. They just are so afraid to really talk about it..AND YET PLANNED PARENTHOOD has a marketing budget. So when a young woman or teen is pregnant she will go to the only place she knows of...the YELLOW PAGES or an ad in the back of the free voice magazines and walk into the den of death out of desperation. Some may even think that they will get unbiased advice not understanding that the 'clinics' make their money when you abort and lose money when they have to support pregnant women. When we don't talk about it or don't make it clear what "LIFE " is...what the repercussions are to abortion prior to pregnancy then the girl in her emotional state may believe that the ladies at Planned Parenthood answering her calls are the ones who care about her and are leading her toward a healthy solution to her problem. Of course I can say from experience that Godly counsel is hard to get or hear when you are already walking the path to the clinic...the emotions are too raw and there is no rationale...so the CHOICE is already suspect....We need to encourage our youth groups, churches and families to talk about life......it could save a life.