Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When Will it End?

I am feeling a little blue tonight for some reason. I guess it is because I am so aware that this election could offer so much hope or a turn for the worse regarding abortion. It saddens me to think of the women that will continue to choose abortion due to not being exposed to the truth. The voices of the choice movement are so loud and the voices of the pro life movement are constantly silenced. I wish someone would have spoken up loudly enough when I walked into the abortion clinic. No one was there to protest. No one was there to challenge me. Meanwhile, young women are walking out of the clinics everyday believing that their CHOICE will give them freedom. What they won't know until it hits them like a ton of bricks is that they may be met with a huge amount of grief, regret, and dread. They may never forgive themselves. They don't know (unless someone tells them) that they not only will crave that baby but will spend their lives living with an empty part in their hearts. I pray it ends. I long for the TRUTH to be told and the lies to be erased. But I know this is the WORLD and that so many of us are polluted by it. But in the meantime, I want to believe that I can see a day where all people acknowledge that the Life that God created is sacred and not to be touched. When will it end? I don't know. I pray it is soon.....


Timothy said...

OK, you said the same thing I did in my comments. The guilt will live forever with those who abort, unless they find true forgiveness in Christ.

I loved the video. It is really powerful.
Many blessings