Monday, January 19, 2009

Is Abortion a Craft?

I just finished reading an article written by this pro choice woman named Marcy Bloom called "Jailhouse Journal of an Abortion Provider." This article is Marcy's commentary on a book by Dr. Bruce Steir, an abortionist who is in jail for the homicide conviction due to one of his botched abortions. In the article Ms. Bloom also calls his conviction a "witch hunt" thereby classifying individuals who want to see an honest investigation and legal process followed through for the death of a woman at his hands, as evil. And also calls the pro lifers "vicious anti-abortion" groups....Knowing the article was written by a pro choice individual, I wasn't reading anything that I hadn't read before. She characterized Dr. Steir as being someone who spent his life caring for women and the health of women while she also says he performed 40,000 abortions in his career. In a nutshell, she elevated him to be some sort of saintly member of our society. The one thing that really got me though is her use of the word "craft'. She described his profession as a 'craft'. Is abortion a craft? Being involved in the arts and having worked for years closely with musicians who truly have crafted their art, I have to say I am totally annoyed and insulted when I hear a pro choicer using the word CRAFT to describe the process of aborting a baby. When my husband was studying piano and music theory the goal was to be able to perform at a level that was effortless but that inspired others and touched people through music. I have watched as people have been healed and moved to tears through his craft. I have watched as people have raised their arms in Praises to God through his craft (a God given gift). When an artist works on a painting they are trying really hard to express something deep inside their soul and transfer it to canvas or on another medium. Even if that work of art evokes anger or evil it does not literally take a life...and I don't know of any other 'craft' designed to kill...Do we refer to Ted Bundy as having studied the craft of being a serial killer? 40,000 abortions. I am sure this man was an excellent abortionist...according to many in the pro choice community. But the result of his so called art was a dead baby. If there is any 'craft' to be attached to the moniker of this man then I would just have to call it witch craft....To take a woman and rip a baby out of her womb would have to be something that is not inspired by the word 'craft' in the beautiful creative sense should not be applied to the abortionist.... GOd crafts us to be ALIVE, in Psalm 139 it says "you knit us in our mother's womb" and "you saw our unformed body." God himself is the ultimate craftsman. If I walked up to God standing before me with His knitting needles and ripped the yarn out from the sweater He was making for me or grabbed it and soaked it in some liquid that would destroy it...or I said "no thanks..I am too young for your gift ..." or " made one sleeve too small..I can't wear that it won't work in my lifestyle." If others witnessed me destroying God's knitting would they call my ability to rip and tear a CRAFT? ...Likewise, the individual who would reach inside a woman's womb to take apart piece by piece an amazing work of art (the human baby) is defying God. Learning how to effortlessly rip the arms, legs and then head of a human from a womb does not deserve to be identified as a work of an is however not of God and therefore, if Marcy Bloom thinks that Dr. Steir is a craftsman then lets be real and call it "witch craft."


Pam said...

I read this last night Deanna, and thought about what you said today. It is truly astonishing how blinded people have become when the profession of abortion is something to be celebrated, or lifted up. I would think that people would want to at least keep a low profile since it is such a painful controversy. If it keeps going one day they may actually be glorified and worshiped.