Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sanctity of Life Weekend!

WHEW! What a weekend! I spent yesterday at 9:30 at a breakfast for the NC Right to Life organization. I was arbitrarily chosen out of 400 people to be one of 7 individuals to read a prayer. I also met a couple of Priests and many pro life individuals that mostly are catholic. The median age of the breakfast attendees was probably 65. I really enjoyed it . A woman named Kate Adamson spoke. She is a woman about my age who had a serious stroke at the age of 33. This left her paralyzed and yet totally conscious and aware of her surroundings. She spent 70 days in intensive care and had to endure listening as doctors tried deperately to convince her husband to pull the feeding tube and breathing tube because she had only 1 in a million chance of surviving and if she did she would be a vegetable. In the meantime, Kate was trying to communicate with her husband. Eventually he had an idea. He asked her a question and with all of her power was able to blink out a response. This started her recovery. Now she walks and talks around the country about the disabled and sanctity of life.

After the breakfast was the March for Life in downtown Raleigh. I have been hanging out with my new BFF Denice...She is the Raleigh coordinator for 40 days for Life ....She is a member of St. Andrew's in Apex. I enjoyed listening to many speakers including the leader of STUDENTS FOR LIFE NC....There were about 1000 people there. One woman was about 70 years old and used a walker to walk the 1/2 mile on the March.

Today I gave my testimony in interview style at church. It is amazing what happened after church. Here are a few testimonies that I heard after mine.
1. A very masculine guy came down for prayer and to confess that he was like the boyfriend that had dropped me off at the abortion clinic. He had a girlfriend years ago and they aborted their baby. He said he had great regret because of it. When I told him that men also suffer from the effects of abortion and losing a child he had tears in his eyes and I asked him if I could pray for him and we did.
2. one woman who was about 25 confessed to giving up her baby 10 years ago for adoption when she found herself pregnant and now will be getting married soon and really wants to adopt but wants prayer that her fiance will want the same thing. She was crying because the sermon meant so much to her and she was also touched by my testimony. I reminded her that God will honor her sacrifice and that I wish I would have had the courage she had to see her pregnancy to completion and give her child up. She asked for prayer and we prayed.
3. A guy who doesn't come very often told this story of his very sick sister who had been pregnant during cancer and fought to keep her baby even though the doctors said she should abort...she gave birth and 3 years later died leaving custody to her brother (the guy I was talking to)
4. A woman came to me and told me about the abortion she had 22 years ago and cried as she talked saying she could never forgive herself and I was the first person she ever told the story to. I am emailing post abortive groups for healing.
5. Another woman told me about giving up her baby for adoption 30 years ago and regretting giving him up and miraculously the godly couple who adopted her son had been told through prayer to give the baby back to her. This occurred only hours after she learned about crisis pregnancy services that could help her keep her baby.She was blessed after just a few weeks without him to have been able to raise him.
6. A 17 year old korean adoptee confided in me that her mother was only 16 when she had her and she hopes that she can adopt when she gets older too and is working on finding her birth mother...

In addition, God blessed me by coincidentally sending one of my post abortion bible study friends to the service this week. She has been a great support but has only been to KPIC 2x's before . She did not know that I would be giving my testimony.

Tonight I also attended our Hispanic service where I read in Spanish my encounter with the Hispanic couple at the clinic last week. The worship time with them was intense. I saw two woman fall to their knees inconsolable as the Holy Spirit moved through them during the music.

It has been less than a year since God asked me to come out as a post abortive woman. The concept of revealing my sin was about as appealing as a root canal. But there is power and joy in the light of the Lord's truth. I pray we see a massive outburst of confessions from women so the lies and deception regarding abortion will be squashed. I pray God inspires many to raise their hands and say "i also was hurt by abortion and it is not empowering. It is only by God's grace that i am free....