Thursday, January 15, 2009

Unfortunately Qualified! Coming into the light!

It has been a very intense but awesome week. Actually, the past several months since coming out as a post abortive woman has been amazing. I have gone through bible studies, memorialized my daughter, completed a book (to be edited next month) and learned a major lesson first hand. It really is true that God can use our sins for His work. I was always in awe at how God used Peter and called Him His rock in spite of the fact that he denied Jesus several times. Moses was a murderer. David had an affair with a married woman...Still it says so much about God. He truly is efficient and brilliant in the ways He uses our weaknesses and our strengths for His will if we take the leap to confess and offer to follow Him. I don't enjoy talking about my sin but I do enjoy watching as miracles unfold when others are healed and encouraged to step out because God calls them. I like seeing God. Sometimes we 'see' Him better once we have stepped out from our comfort zones hiding and walk into the light exposing our sin. And sometimes He will save lives when you talk about your sin in really bad spanish. Or you will run into someone at the grocery store while buying cucumbers who just starts a conversation about abortion.

I mentioned that I found a house next to an abortion clinic that I would like to have purchased and turned into a crisis pregnancy center (with a focus on post abortive healing). We want to offer ultra sounds etc. We have no money and no idea how to really raise it but will try. I have walked through the house. I have met with major land owners in the area who just happened to have the owner of the vacant house's phone number on home..I listened as the big whig (who is a devout christian) said to the owner of our dream property "Now if your listing expires you call me. Do not sell your house to the center of death next door. I have people here who want to turn you Daddy's house into a center for life." I have heard from friends invigorated to join the cause for life in our community. I have listened in confidence to abortion stories of friends of mine that felt relieved to "come out' since I told my story. I have the pleasure of lending them books and bible studies and sending them URL's to SILENT NO MORE, Abortion changes you , rachel's vineyard. But most amazing is being able to be a mentor to women who have had their pain buried so long and watch them finally breathe again now that they are set free.

I spent so much of my life longing for the things of this world. How foolish! Nothing has touched me more or convicted me more than to watch as the Lord slowly peels the layers of pain away to finally be healed and watch as others are too. I know those of us involved in pro-life efforts have our work cut out for us but I really believe that our battle is with the devil who keeps things in the dark, hidden and surrounded by lies. There is power in the testimony of post abortive women. I can totally understand women who want to remain quiet about it. But from what I have seen, I can only imagine that our greatest weapon against this awful war to claim Life for all, is to bring the truth to light. The women who have suffered, the people who have worked in those clinics and come out and speak out against abortion....the people like Gianna Jessen and Brandi Tozier who have survived abortions, can make a huge impact. Imagine if only 1% of the women who have aborted would come out there would possibly be a wave of understanding and forgiveness to the others who have buried this pain away. The truth can set us free. The light can blind the demons and the LIGHT OF THE WORLD can truly reign over the prince of darkness..being His hands and feet maybe it is up to us sinful but redeemed people to carry the lantern of life into the world....