Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Tip of the Iceberg!

It was and still is an eventful week for so many in the pro-life community. Yesterday I chatted with a woman who owns and runs a Crisis Pregnancy Center. She mentioned how abortion is the tip of this huge iceberg that is likely to sink our society...Like the Titanic, a so called unsinkable ship, the captain can only see the little tip at the top of the iceberg not realizing that the tip is really the head of something huge brewing underground. Under the sea the iceberg continues and can break a gigantic hole into the hull of the ship killing and perhaps drowning its passengers. Likewise, while abortion is big it is so because of the huge ramifications and implications that lie below the surface. The death of a child in and of itself is huge but the results of the devastation as a whole are bigger. By aborting so many of our future citizens we also take away the potential for goodness and God's purposes to be fulfilled in the lives He has created (and in the world). By aborting we have shown that our population can decrease. Our economy can also slow down because of it. The family is being chipped away. In certain Scandanavian countries there are so few children being born that the creator of the birth control pill has admitted that the pill has proven to be a hugely destructive experiment and regrets creating it. In other words, what happens when we stop producing children...the next generations are doomed and the families are smaller. The edict in China has shown now that there are so many more men than women and the few women that are in the population are only permitted to have one child. Contrary to the idea that using birth control to control population is a brilliant plan, we are seeing the total opposite is true . AND it will just get worse. The next generation, if inundated with Liberal education and media will continue to buy into the belief that abortion is mainstream, to be on demand and being pregnant is an inconvenience rather than a blessing. If Generation Y doesn't make a total 180degree turn then we will continue to see a decline....The good news is that it does seem that the next generation is more pro-life than generation x. Still it remains to be seen if the generation can be enlivened enough to go back to traditional values that would steer the entire Gen Y population toward life...It all remains to be seen. That is why the work we are doing today is so important...Generations before us would pray for their future generations of children assuming there would be many children from their lineage born. I am sure it never occurred to them that the family line would somehow decrease....but it is decreasing...When we pray for our children's children and on and on ...we need to not only pray for their protection but now we must pray that they choose to procreate and choose life rather than is a humbling and scary thought but true......