Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Praying for Obama!

I am the mother of 3 African children. I am also seriously pro life and did not vote for Obama because of my one issue voting. For my kids sake (not to create stress for them), we don't talk politics in front of them. I really want them to be proud of having an African man in the whitehouse. We even pray during meals for his family and kids. We commented during the inauguration how beautiful the girls looked. Well, then he voted to take off the restrictions for our funding to go toward abortions in Mexico. My youngest daughter was born in Guatemala by a 13 year old mother who didn't have funding for an abortion. Had she had that funding we would never know Matea and the joys that she brings to us. My mother would never be able to send her sweet grand daughter birthday cards with kittens on them. Matea wouldn't be around to show us how funny and smart and mature she is for her age. There are a bunch of little 3 year olds who wouldn't have a friend. Sarah, Rachel, Abby and Maggie would have one less girlfriend at their birthday party. I think about the babies in Mexico and the rest of the world like Guatemaa that will not be born and that will not bring joy to their families.

I can't find a balance. I am so afraid of what FOCA means to my children and my potential grandchildren. I find myself hating Obama although I know that we are all able to be transformed through Jesus. I tell myself the battle is with the devil rather than OBama and then Nancy Pelosi makes a comment that basically says it is fiscally sound to kill babies that could be born to African American children in the urban centers...My daughters are targets...my oldest is reaching the target age for abortion...18...After that comment by Nancy Pelosi, I blame Obama too because I know he is a part of the party that believes that fewer people and abortion is somehow economically and ecologically advantageous. So I pray....dear God please let me see a president that will somehow change his mind when it comes to abortion. Please God surround Obama with Godly counselors and let him listen to them...but then I also know he is surrounded by people who think that aborting 1.5 million babies a year is no issue. In fact they are considering upping Planned Parenthoods coffers by 4.6 billion....So, I am constantly conflicted...How do we deal with this kind of evil. DO we love the people that perpetuate it? I was a woman who aborted a baby..I am hated by some...still i was transformed by Jesus...do I LOVE OBAMA even when soon little babies around the world will be aborted in dirty abortion clinics in Mexico City and women in China will have their forced abortions paid for by our tax dollars????? Or do I focus my anger and frustration on him personally. He is afterall considered now to be the most powerful human on the planet. I know my battle is with the devil but when the devil inhabits humans how can we sit quiet and pray while we wait for an exorcism to take place in the oval office...I just pray somehow the demons scurry away back into some desolate place in another universe..because I feel like I am living in the twilight zone and can't be totally sincere in my prayers for OBama....Still I do pray every night for God to protect him and then I also pray "Dear Lord, please protect the babies that aren't even born yet..." I am way too confused....


Beth in NC said...

I share the rage with you. I can't imagine our lives without Matea. It is disgusting. That just about brought me to tears. Matea is so precious. There are so many lives snuffed out -- legally.

I feel like this is a legal genocide. I am amazed at the deception.

Pray, pray, pray ...

LisaShaw said...


I have been in prayer for some time and will remain in prayer.

My peace is solely in knowing that our GOD IS IN CONTROL not 'man'. Praise the LORD.

Deanna said...

**this is sort of a double comment.. I left the same at the WELL BLOG, but wanted ya to know that I visied you here too:O) ~ will say a prayer that you get that property!***

Hi Deanna! I am a 'Deanna' too! I am so happy to meet you! Thank you so much for sharing, I know that sharing is part of God's way of His healing hand upon our hearts, tho it is not an easy thing to do... the cleansing and relief is breath-taking as we stand in awe of our Redeemer!

I had a baby at age 16. I share my testimony sometimes at 'TRUE LOVE WAITS' events and at my blog.

It's late, I wish to visit and get to know you more. My husband and I are in the midst of praying about adoption, so I look forward to coming back.

If you should visit me... you'll read my struugle with secondary infertility ... that would be found under the category of: DESIRES OF MY HEART on side bar.

hope it's okay... gonna add you to my 'blogs I follow'

blessings to you!
In Him, Deanna

Joanne said...

Deanna, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about Matea. Those are the kinds of things that people need to hear. They need to hear real stories about the little ones who are because someone stood up for them. The pro-abortionists have made it about the woman. It needs to be about the life that doesn't get a chance to speak. Would you consider adding the "email" icon to your blog so that I can forward that story to everyone I know, asking them to forward it to everyone they know? I know several people who need to hear this, so maybe they can stop lying to themselves that anything that small isn't really a person to be protected.

And, Beth, this IS genocide. Please pardon the graphic nature of this comment, but I can only assume that pro-abortionists don't see it as genocide because they can't see the dead bodies(they say the pictures of aborted babies are fabricated).